Piedmont Silver Eagles Charitable Funds, Inc. 2019
“Piedmont Pilots & Piedmont Silver Eagles Members”

PSECFI Annual Meeting October 14, 2019 – Minutes
President, Wes Googe, called the meeting of the Piedmont Silver Eagles Charitable Funds, Inc. to order at Noon on Monday, Oct. 14, 2019. Members present were Chairman of the Board Bridget Beck, Janice Drimer, President Wes Googe, Captain Clif Ferguson, Captain Ron Gabor, Captain Danny Thurber, and Captain Ben Gilbert PSE President.
Captain Ken Duncan, Web-Master, Excused absent.

Minutes from last year’s meeting were noted and approved.

A discussion on our scholarships was started, with the result being that we should follow up
better with graduates and solicit testimonials for use on the new website. The agreement was felt to do
more with Aviation Career Aid, notably Women in Aviation.

The Fund: Ongoing research will be done on making the Fund generate income and therefore
perpetuating itself. A possible Path is to draw in funds from the Private Sector, which has funds
available for disbursement to Charities. We will continue to use our funds for our three buckets,
Humanitarian, Education, and Aviation Careers.

We are elated to welcome Captain Bo Davis and David Westburg to the PSECFI Board, as well as
Emily Lukash, who will assume the role of Secretary/Treasurer.

The Treasurer’s Report was viewed on handouts to the Board. We received two generous
donations, one from The Capt. George Irwin Trust and another from The Hall-Halliburton Foundation
through Capt. Randy Mahoney.

Other Business – Discussed the need for additional members on Financial Accounts

Janice Drimer tendered her resignation and it was accepted.

The Board of the PSECFI remains committed to move the Fund forward!
Motion to adjourn the meeting was made by President Gilbert, seconded by Capt Clif Ferguson
at 13:30.

Respectfully Submitted, Capt. Danny Thurber Secretary-Treasurer